This will develop a bit as we go on, but for now - here's what I'm using:


If I own it, it’s strung with D’Addario. I use Planet Waves straps, capos and cables.


For electrics – I currently, play their Pacifica 611 HFM into a pedal board that goes into their THR-100HD head and cabinet.  I've even done live gigs with their THR-10 "practice" amp!

I got a good deal on the hardtail Pacifica and I really like the guitar!  It's incredibly flexible tonally and as opposed to the trem guitars my double and tripple stop bends are in tune now! ; ). I expect I'll get a trem version as well and A/B them.

The THR-100HD is a monster amplifier.  It handles pedals really well.  Right now, I have it set to kind of a Plexi setting with the Master dimed and roll back my guitar volume for cleaner tones.  Boost comes from the amp for lead.

For acoustic, I play their APX100 6-string and APX-700 12-string live with their THR-5a amplifier.  I've done a number of shows where the sound was DI'd from the headphone out of the 5A!


I dig their boards.  I'm using a Nano right now.

Xotic Effects:

The first stop in my  guitar signal is their EP Boost with their voltage doubler for more headroom.  Just a great sounding pedal and it's always on.


I dig a lot of their stuff.  Well made products.  In my case, my secret weapon has been their FV-50H volume pedal.  Has a small foot print on the board and I dig it.  Their DD-7 delay is currently in my Effects loop - but that might get switched out with a TC Electronics Flashback II.


I LOVE their MD-2 pedal - but my rig is stereo now - so I actually run it BEFORE the distortion for a low-fi kind of sound.  I hope they make a stereo version at some point.


I got turned onto the JHM9 - Mini Hendrix wah - which supposedly has the sweep of Hendrix's Thomas Organ wah.  I love that it's so small and the sweep range is really musical.

If I can't bring a full cab - I bring their Q-8 and it has NEVER let me down on gig.  Next to gig bags - one of the best purchases I've ever made!

That's it for my current live rig.  For other live variations...

ZT Amps:

Love these guys.  Their Acoustic Lunchbox is an incredibly musical amp!

LR Baggs:

This is a another great company that makes great products!  Their Session DI is a fantastic unit that I use as part of my full acoustic rig with the lunchbox.

F N H Guitars:

John Harper is a world class luthier and has the most terrifyingly encyclopedic knowledge guitar I've ever seen. He and Chris Fitzpatrick are building some really cool guitars. 

Line 6:

A VERY forward company.  I dig some things about their variax guitars.  I've used every incarnation of their POD (except the Helix) and dig their M9 units as well.

Sonoma Wireworks:

I use their Guitar Jack as part of my portable iPad set up which also includes BIAS FX!  The whole thing runs through my QSC K-8.


For my money, Mike Scuffham's sim is still the most musical and best feeling I've encountered!


A Critical component in my live laptop based rig!

Atomic Amps:

I love their Atomic 18 and the 50 watt Reactors.  They work great with modelers.


This is a company that has some really great products.  I just picked up their ABY box (which work great). When recording direct with my POD - I like using the Dragster to match the impedance of the pickups.  I find the the volume roll off is a little more accurate.  This was a  really cool trick I picked up from a guitarist named Scott Peterson.

Apogee Duet:

Awesome audio interface for the pricepoint.  Another component in my laptop rig.


Sweetwater is a great retailer. Their customer service is top notch and knowledgeable and they're not in the habit of letting me down.