Guitar Books

I currently have a six different books available on different aspects of guitar that are unlike anything else available on the market!  You don't have to take my word for it - I've included some feedback (culled from customer emails) I've gotten over the years. 

You can click on any book graphic below to link to Amazon (print edition) or Lulu (print or pdf version).  The Amazon links all include a "Look Inside" feature which will show you sample pages of each book.

If you have any questions about the books you don't see here feel free to email me here!

Book Reviews

Here are some reader reviews on the GuitArchitect’s Guide To books: 

  •  “Excellent value! look forward to putting it into practice.”
  •  “This is the way it should be taught! This method helps you to arrive at a good understanding very quickly. Thank you very much!”
  •  “Fantastic book. Looking forward to checking out your other stuff. Glad I came across this!”
  • “I ordered two of your Books (pdfs). I’m happy to say this is the best guitar instructional material I've seen.”
  • “I’m really enjoying it thanks. It has a lot of ideas which you’ve laid out very well. I can see it being a valuable resource that I’ll refer back to for some time yet.”
  • “Scott, there is a ton of good info in these books so I’ll be taking my time to work through them. From what I have accomplished so far, and what I have seen by scanning through the books, you have done an excellent job of envisioning a unique approach to all of this.”
  • “The material really seems to be thorough and comprehensive and more importantly written in a nice, plain way that’s easy to understand. Great work!”
  • “That was a great read, thanks very much.  It was bit hard pushing on though as I wanted to start working through some of the ideas in the earlier chapters as I read which is a great sign….”
  • “Your books really are a terrific accomplishment. I wish i knew a small fraction of what was contained there.”
  • “If I could sum up the entire work so far in three words, I’d call it ‘musician’s brain food’.”
  • “Awesome, thank you very much, it’s been such a great idea sparker so far,”
  • “The books are great. I have them loaded up on my kindle so i can use them and practice.”
  • “Yes, they’re great. I think you have a really interesting approach.”
  • “I highly appreciate the depth of which you went in to your subjects and all of the tabs and patterns are just awesome.  It will give me a great platform whenever i feel like writing some real music.”
  • “Scott, thanks for that, I grabbed my guitar and got right into it. When I first learned how to play guitar I was learning by playing along with records and never learned to read music,play scales or any music theory, I’ve bought books but never saw anything that grabbed me and made sense like your books, so thanks for everything.”
  • “I’m very much enjoying the guitarchitecture pdfs thanks. My head hasn’t (yet) exploded :-)”
  • “Your approach seems a natural match to the way I conceptualise things, so I hope to pick up a lot.”
  • “Been meaning to tell you that your material is fascinating. I’m an engineer, and I have to say your approach could easily be called ‘An Engineer’s Deconstruction of Harmonic and Melodic Concepts’. Kudos, sir.” 


Symmetrical 12-Tone Patterns

Print Edition (click book cover for link!)

PDF E-Book Edition (click book cover for link!)

In The GuitArchitect’s Guide to Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns, I've taken the approaches from my Melodic Patterns and Guide To Chord Scales books and applied them to a rigorous examination of twelve-tone patterns that can be used for melodic, harmonic, improvisational or compositional resources. 

Eschewing a reliance on academic jargon, Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns investigates the material in an intuitive and accessible way that will help players access new sounds in their playing. 

This is a 284-page book with a large reference component  and nearly 100 pages of extensive notated examples and instruction.

Customers who order this book will also have access to a bundle of files that will help readers maximize material in the book.  The bundle contains:

  • Guitar Pro files of all the examples in the book (in GP6 and GP5 format). For those of you unfamiliar with this musical notation, tablature platform and playback program, having Guitar Pro files means that the reader can hear the examples without having a  guitar handy and can work as a phrase trainer to help the reader get the examples to up to speed. 
  • MIDI files of the musical examples. 
  • PDFs of the musical examples. 
  • MP3s of all the musical examples (again, exported from the same material). 


Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns presents 12-tone patterns in both improvisational and compositional contexts.  It shows how to create various intervallic lines and creates the outline of a tune and dissects how all the parts were created using this method.  If you’re looking for ways to explore new avenues in playing or in your writing this is the book for you! 

I like physical books and the softbound version looks really good on my music stand – but I understand that some people like pdfs. 

The printed physical book version of GuitArchitect’s Guide To Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns is available for $35 on Lulu  or on Amazon  and the $10 e-book pdf is available on Lulu.


Chord Scales

Print Edition (click book cover for link!)