Scott Collins earned a Bachelors of Music degree in Music Composition from Berklee College of Music and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Multi-Focus Guitar Performance from California Institute of the Arts.  The Upstate New York based guitarist's playing on fretted and fretless instruments draws from a wide range of western and non-western music.   He's known for playing exotic sounds with tremendous passion and pyrotechnic velocity.

After graduating from Berklee, Scott quickly became known around Boston as the person to bring in to pull off guitar performances in any time frame (he once learned 108 cover songs in less than a week for a gig!) This lead to performances in almost every style imaginable with some of the best musicians on the planet.    In 2006, he packed his bags to study with Miroslav Tadic at CalArts in his quest to create original music based on musical traditions from all over the globe.  

After graduating from CalArts, Scott performed with numerous artists including the progressive instrumental trio, "The Rough Hewn Trio" John "Drumbo" French (Captain Beefheart), The Glenn Branca Ensemble and Butoh dancer / Samsonite Gorilla / "The Howling" star Don McLeod.  He has performed live improvised accompaniment for more than a dozen silent films,  was a featured performer on the "God of War II" and "Trials Evolution" video games and was a guitarist for the Cartoon Network 2017 Powerpuff Girls television episode, "Electric Buttercup". 

In addition to being a contributor to (where he conducted interviews, product reviews and wrote lesson columns), Scott has authored six guitar reference self-pedagogical books totaling more that 2,000 pages of material.

Since moving to the capital region of New York, he has released 2 independent EPs with the global fusion trio KoriSoron and an EP with the Rough Hewn Trio. He currently plays electric guitar with the Afro-beat inspired, "Embe Esti" and multiple instruments in "I Come From The Mountains", an acoustic duo that specializes in incorporating Hindustani and Middle Eastern sounds into original instrumental music.  In addition to releases of new material from both ensembles this fall, he's also currently working on a recording of original solo acoustic guitar instrumentals.

Outside of music, Scott was the artistic director of the Festival Cinema Invisible  an organization that brought unseen films from the Middle East to Proctor's Theater in Schenectady for 3 years.

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